Sunday, 11 November 2012

On Friday Nov 9th I followed an old lady who was pushing an even older gentleman in a wheelchair down the centre of Margaret Grove. She had to move into gaps between cars several times. When I spoke to her, the reason she was doing such a dangerous thing was because the pavements were impassable to the wheelchair because of Amey's excavation work and barriers. I have also heard anecdotal stories of the same problem of mothers with pushchairs along Ravenhurst Road.


The Moorpool Estate is a conservation area which is currently having it's street lighting 'upgraded' by Amey. Complaints and concerns are pouring in ranging from blocked pavements, inappropriate positioning, lamp posts that are too tall and standards that are too bright and anything but heritage.

This blog is to enable residents to share their problems and concerns and, who knows, there may be someone at Amey who may actually take notice.